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Layton, Utah police shoot man during ‘questioning’ in front of his home

“Officials say a Layton Police officer shot at a suspect late Tuesday night after the suspect started to attack the officer during an interview. Officials calling it a case of self-defense. Police got a call of a domestic situation at 566 E. Miller Avenue, during that 911 call the caller told dispatch she heard the man […]

Folsom (Sacramento) cops shoot unarmed man in the back, killing him

“The chase started after the Folsom Police Department got reports of a robbery at a Wells Fargo near East Bidwell Street on Tuesday just after 5 p.m. When officers combed the area, they encountered a suspicious person a few blocks away walking in a residential area. He was wearing a large backpack. The Folsom Police […]

Cops shoot unarmed man in car in Seatac, Washington

“A King County sheriff’s deputy shot and wounded a robbery suspect Thursday morning outside a mosque in SeaTac. Sgt. Cindi West says the suspect was driving toward another deputy when he was shot. The wounded man was taken to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle with a shoulder wound. No deputies were injured. West says the […]

More information on the very tragic police shooting and killing of Rufino Lara in Houston, TX

“Update: According to a Houston Chronicle report, witnesses say the dead man, Rufino Lara, did not have his hands in his pockets, but in the air. A witness also said the officers addressed them only in English. An unidentified man was shot to death by a Houston police officer when he reached into his waistband […]

Update: Unarmed Houston Man, Rufino Lara, was asking police for help and had two hands against the wall before they shot him dead, according to witnesses

“At a civil rights news conference Tuesday afternoon an eyewitness, Florida Rubio, says that Rufino Lara asked her to call police Tuesday afternoon because he feared some men were going to hurt him. Two officers responded to the assault call in southwest Houston. Rubio says she told police that Lara needed help but officers would […]

West Virginia trooper JR Coburn kills his second victim in 6 months under sketchy circumstances

“Media outlets say Trooper J.R. Coburn is a former Mercer County sheriff’s deputy from Princeton. Authorities haven’t identified the man killed Saturday night. They say the man was handcuffed inside a Bluefield police car but somehow moved his hands in front of him, climbed into the driver’s seat and fled. The shooting occurred during a […]

Unarmed victim shot in Sacramento

“West Sacramento police officers were called to the 800 block of Platinum Lane around 10:41 p.m. Monday night in response to a report of a domestic assault. Upon arrival at the scene, an individual rushed one officer and attempted to grab his gun. In response, the officer fired his weapon, hitting the person once.”   […]