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Houston cop shoots at minors, saying they were trying to run him over – video

“It happened around 3:30am in a neighborhood along Ardmore near Pawnee. Houston police tell us Officer A. Bowie patrolling the Mainstay Suites on Old Spanish Trail when he noticed a suspicious man. A passerby told the officer that man had tried to steal his car. This parking lot reportedly has a history of burglaries. Officer […]

Everywhere, there are more cops shooting more people

In July 2012, with more than half the year over, police departments around the nation suddenly realized that their cops were shooting people at alarming and in many cases unprecedented rates. Here is a collection of articles about police departments trying to make sense of the carnage they have inflicted in the year 2012 in […]

More information on the very tragic police shooting and killing of Rufino Lara in Houston, TX

“Update: According to a Houston Chronicle report, witnesses say the dead man, Rufino Lara, did not have his hands in his pockets, but in the air. A witness also said the officers addressed them only in English. An unidentified man was shot to death by a Houston police officer when he reached into his waistband […]

Update: Unarmed Houston Man, Rufino Lara, was asking police for help and had two hands against the wall before they shot him dead, according to witnesses

“At a civil rights news conference Tuesday afternoon an eyewitness, Florida Rubio, says that Rufino Lara asked her to call police Tuesday afternoon because he feared some men were going to hurt him. Two officers responded to the assault call in southwest Houston. Rubio says she told police that Lara needed help but officers would […]

Unarmed Houston man shot and killed by police for having his hand in his pocket… really.

“Police said two officers responded to an assault call outside an abandoned grocery store. They told a group of men to put their hands up and police said one refused and started to walk off. Officer J McGowan said she repeatedly told the man to turn around and put his hands up. When he finally […]