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Boyd, dog and friend of Daniel Hall, shot and killed by police during reckless marijuana raid (7/8)

Daniel Hall’s dog, Boyd, was 10 years, two months, and 24 days old on July 9 but still spry. They’d played fetch together the day before. But that day, according to Hall, the golden retriever/rottweiler mix was lounging on the floor while Hall, his girlfriend and a friend sat on the couch watching Two and […]

Police shoot and kill family’s dog while showing up to report the homicide death of their son

  “And in a horrific turn of events, a Henrico police officer shot and killed the Ellerbe family pitbull, Tiger, as it charged toward the officer off its leash. The unidentified officer and a detective had arrived at the home to notify family members that Ellerbe had been killed. His body was discovered shortly after […]

Cop shoots and kills (unarmed) family dog in Louisiana

  “Deputy Lake Charles Police Chief Mark Kraus and another officer visited the Crochet family at their home. ┬áKraus says they are investigating what happened. “When the suspect left the gate open the owner’s dog came out of that opening, saw the policeman running through his yard and approached the policeman. The policeman at that […]