This blog collects information on what are commonly referred to as “officer-involved shootings,” in other words, cops shooting people. Often, these stories pop up in the news only to disappear just as quickly. The aim of this blog is to collect these stories in one place and document them, so that conclusions can be drawn, lessons learned, and strategies and tactics formulated.

Other police attacks, such as cops driving over people with their vehicles will also be included. Occasionally, other articles of interest will be included. Comments, feedback, suggestions, discussion, and submissions of stories that were missed are all welcomed and encouraged.

Keep safe. Strike back.



  1. You may start getting a bunch of traffic soon as I spammed this page on FB to quite a few pages with at least several tens of thousands of likes. All politically oriented. I plan on creating a map with pins on it to show the location of officer-involved shootings.

  2. You might want to check the local news media in the cities of Santa Maria and Lompoc where 5 people have been shot and/or killed by local police departments in the last 6 months (including a mass execution of one of their own officers in Santa Maria for suspicion of statury rape of a sexually active 17 year old female police cadet. Check Santa MAria times, Lompoc Record, KSBY.com, KCOY.com for coverage.

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