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James Hattersly, 28 shot to death by cops in Columbus, Ohio – video

“A man was shot and killed by police after allegedly pointing a gun at officers at a north-side hotel. Investigators say hotel employees called police after Hattersly pulled a gun and threatened to kill with his wife while arguing over a room key early Sunday morning. Police say Hattersly was spotted brandishing his gun when […]

Everywhere, there are more cops shooting more people

In July 2012, with more than half the year over, police departments around the nation suddenly realized that their cops were shooting people at alarming and in many cases unprecedented rates. Here is a collection of articles about police departments trying to make sense of the carnage they have inflicted in the year 2012 in […]

Cops shoot and kill man in Columbus, Ohio – video

“Investigators say a suspect believed to be connected to a fatal officer-involved shooting was apprehended after attempting to flee authorities in a police cruiser. Police say the man attempted to run away after crashing the cruiser, but was quickly caught and arrested. The suspect was the subject of an hours-long search that began after an […]

Video update: Heather Garrett, 29, bystander shot in the back as cops were shooting at Douglas Wiegand, 7/7, in Ohio

“Early Saturday morning a 50-yr old man was seen in the parking lot near Vine & Neal in the Arena District appearing to urinate. Police say an officer approached Douglas Wiegand and told him to find a cab and go home because he appeared to be intoxicated. A few minutes later that officer and another […]

Cops shoot unarmed victim and innocent bystander in Ohio

“Two people, including a bystander, were shot by police officers early Saturday morning after police said that a suspect drove his car toward them.” http://www2.nbc4i.com/news/2012/jul/07/6/shots-ring-out-officer-involved-shooting-ar-1095382/