West Virginia trooper JR Coburn kills his second victim in 6 months under sketchy circumstances

“Media outlets say Trooper J.R. Coburn is a former Mercer County sheriff’s deputy from Princeton.

Authorities haven’t identified the man killed Saturday night. They say the man was handcuffed inside a Bluefield police car but somehow moved his hands in front of him, climbed into the driver’s seat and fled.

The shooting occurred during a subsequent foot chase. State Police say the suspect refused to put down a weapon, and Coburn fired.

Coburn is also under investigation for shooting 34-year-old Jackie Spalding Jr., who had a rifle in a Bluewell cemetery on Jan. 29.”


The victim “somehow moved his hands in front of him, climbed into the driver’s seat and fled”??

This would probably be the story told if Coburn took him out of the car and executed him. What do you think?




Here’s the link from Coburn’s previous kill: http://wvgazette.com/News/201201300050



  1. If that was true I’d be pretty impressed with this guy. Supposedly he went from being handcuffed in the back of a police car to driving the car and then stealing an officer’s gun. Some kind of acrobatic magician criminal, I guess.

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