Video update: Heather Garrett, 29, bystander shot in the back as cops were shooting at Douglas Wiegand, 7/7, in Ohio

“Early Saturday morning a 50-yr old man was seen in the parking lot near Vine & Neal in the Arena District appearing to urinate. Police say an officer approached Douglas Wiegand and told him to find a cab and go home because he appeared to be intoxicated. A few minutes later that officer and another learned Wiegand got into a car. Police say as they approached he pulled out of his space at a high rate of speed and came at them. They shot and Wiegand was hit in the chest, but survived.

Another round, perhaps a ricochet flew up to 100 feet across a parking lot and struck Heather Garrett. She had gotten out of a car with her fiance. She was shot in the back by one of the police rounds. She has been in intensive care at the OSU medical center since then.”

“Weiner said Garrett’s fiance is extremely angry with police, a reaction the spokesman called only natural.”

“A short time later, Wiegand pulled up behind a police cruiser manned by Officers Ryan Steele and Jesse Perkins. When Perkins and Steele got out of the cruiser and walked toward Wiegand’s car, he drove at one of them, prompting both to fire their guns.”

“We’re not concerned with civil liability.  We’re concerned about how she’s going to heal,” said Sgt. Weiner.   (bold)

The officers are said to have shot multiple times. One bullet went into Wiegand. Thoughts are with Ms. Garrett right now as she fights for her life, as well as her fiance. We also hope for Mr. Wiegand’s recovery, who ought never be blamed for cops shooting recklessly into the night. What an enraging mess Jesse Perkins and Ryan Steele created. If police start feeling the consequences of their actions, maybe things can start getting better. But unfortunately, there’s no undoing a bullet to the back.


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