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Everywhere, there are more cops shooting more people

In July 2012, with more than half the year over, police departments around the nation suddenly realized that their cops were shooting people at alarming and in many cases unprecedented rates. Here is a collection of articles about police departments trying to make sense of the carnage they have inflicted in the year 2012 in […]

Video update: Press conference gives officers’ side of their killing of Karen Day in Witchita, Kansas

“As she comes off the porch she’s walking at a pace… she’s not exactly running, but she’s walking at a pace. And as she’s approaching the officers, the officers are repeatedly giving her commands to drop the knife stop, drop the knife stop. As she’s approaching the officers she says ‘shoot me’.” “The lady kept […]

Karen Day, 45, shot and killed by police in Witchita, Kansas

“Wichita police identified Wednesday the woman who was killed in an officer-involved shooting late Tuesday night. Karen Day, 45, died after being shot; she ignored officer commands to put down a knife, said Wichita police. Officers went to a home in the 700 block of North Spruce to investigate a domestic dispute.”   A debate […]