The Vallejo community protests after cops shoot and kill Mario Romero, 23, and injure Joseph Johnson

“More than 150 people gathered for more than two hours to decry Vallejo’s latest fatal officer-involved shooting. In this one, 23-year-old Mario Romero, known as “Papaya” by friends, died before dawn Sunday and his brother-in-law, Joseph Johnson, 21, was shot through his hip and hospitalized.

During the rally, the police department released information to the press linking Romero to a neighborhood gang, but no one from the department addressed the crowd outside. A family member denied any gang affiliation…

Romero and Johnson were shot by the officers around 4:33 a.m. Sunday, while sitting in a Thunderbird parked in front of their home, in the 100 block of Pepper Drive, near Lofas Place. A vehicle matching the same description was reportedly involved in a shooting in recent weeks, Bassett said.

Police say the duo was approached because of recent gang-related activity in the neighborhood. They said officers fired repeatedly at Romero because they believed he had reached for a gun in his waistband. Police released a photo Tuesday of a pellet handgun they said Romero had on him.”


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