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Anaheim police shot and killed another Latino man, Joel Acevedo, 24 hours after killing Manuel Diaz

Family friends tell the Weekly that the man shot and killed by Anaheim police late Sunday night is Joel Acevedo of Anaheim. Facebook Acevedo, at right I found out about this via Facebook, as the mother of Acevedo is a friend of mine. After posting about the earlier melees, the mother (whose name I won’t […]

Enraging video footage – Anaheim cops rampage on a neighborhood; after collective neighborhood response, police shot and sicked dogs at a crowd of locals – small children were attacked

“Chaos and violence in the streets of Anaheim. Anaheim Police firing rubber bullets confront a crowd of terrified children, parents, and angry residents near La Palma and Acacia. Then one officers unleashes a snarling police dog which attacks a mother holding her child and this bystander.” “Now out here there were dozens of people who […]

More information on the very tragic police shooting and killing of Rufino Lara in Houston, TX

“Update: According to a Houston Chronicle report, witnesses say the dead man, Rufino Lara, did not have his hands in his pockets, but in the air. A witness also said the officers addressed them only in English. An unidentified man was shot to death by a Houston police officer when he reached into his waistband […]

Update: Unarmed Houston Man, Rufino Lara, was asking police for help and had two hands against the wall before they shot him dead, according to witnesses

“At a civil rights news conference Tuesday afternoon an eyewitness, Florida Rubio, says that Rufino Lara asked her to call police Tuesday afternoon because he feared some men were going to hurt him. Two officers responded to the assault call in southwest Houston. Rubio says she told police that Lara needed help but officers would […]

VIDEO UPDATE: 17-yr-old Ascension Herrera was walking his blind friend around the neighborhood when confronted by police and killed

“Herrera was shot by a Sacramento police officer around 6 yesterday evening, when he was walking with his friend Arturo in a neighborhood they live in. .. Arturo says he was holding onto Herrera’s shoulder as he guided him along Teekay Way. Police say officers patrolling the area spotted the two and believed they looked […]