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Two victims shot by police in separate incidents within minutes of each other in Quinlan, Texas

“The FBI surrounded a home in the Hunt County town of Quinlan around 6:30 Thursday morning.  Agents were reportedly looking for a pair of bank robbers. The Greenville Herald-Banner reports at one point one of the suspects shot at the agents.  The agents returned fire and wounded one of the suspect, who was taken to […]

Miami-Dade police shoot and kill a man during drug raid, sustaining one injury in the process – video

“A Miami-Dade Police officer who was injured in a shootout that left one suspect dead was out of surgery and in stable condition Wednesday as authorities continued to investigate the incident. The incident began when Miami-Dade detectives working with special agents with FBI were conducting a drug investigation at a home in the 6000 block […]

Boyd, dog and friend of Daniel Hall, shot and killed by police during reckless marijuana raid (7/8)

Daniel Hall’s dog, Boyd, was 10 years, two months, and 24 days old on July 9 but still spry. They’d played fetch together the day before. But that day, according to Hall, the golden retriever/rottweiler mix was lounging on the floor while Hall, his girlfriend and a friend sat on the couch watching Two and […]