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Folsom (Sacramento) cops shoot unarmed man in the back, killing him

“The chase started after the Folsom Police Department got reports of a robbery at a Wells Fargo near East Bidwell Street on Tuesday just after 5 p.m. When officers combed the area, they encountered a suspicious person a few blocks away walking in a residential area. He was wearing a large backpack. The Folsom Police […]

Michael Craig Berger, 47, shot and killed in his home by Fair Oaks police; robot used to spot his dead body

“The Sacramento County Coroner’s office has released the name of the man shot by a deputy when he exited his Fair Oaks home holding a long-barreled firearm. He was identified as 47-year-old Michael Craig Berger. Deputies said Berger barricaded himself inside the Fair Oaks home Thursday afternoon after he was shot about 4 p.m. by […]

Unarmed victim shot in Sacramento

“West Sacramento police officers were called to the 800 block of Platinum Lane around 10:41 p.m. Monday night in response to a report of a domestic assault. Upon arrival at the scene, an individual rushed one officer and attempted to grab his gun. In response, the officer fired his weapon, hitting the person once.”   […]

*Update – victim in Sacramento shooting identified as 17-yr old Asencion Herrera

“Sacramento police Sgt. Andrew Pettit said two patrol officers spotted the boy walking with another man just before 7 pm. The officers pulled over their cruiser and noticed that one had an illegal assault rifle hidden under his shirt.  Pettit said the man appeared to aim the rifle at one of the officers.  The officer’s partner opened fire – shooting […]

7/7 – One victim shot and killed by cop in Sacramento, CA

“One suspect dead. This all started when two officers in a patrol car spotted a couple of men walking down the street. He knew that they were in some kind of distress. Something tipped him off that there was trouble. When both officers went to contact these two men that were walking, one officer noticed […]