Update: Unarmed Houston Man, Rufino Lara, was asking police for help and had two hands against the wall before they shot him dead, according to witnesses

“At a civil rights news conference Tuesday afternoon an eyewitness, Florida Rubio, says that Rufino Lara asked her to call police Tuesday afternoon because he feared some men were going to hurt him. Two officers responded to the assault call in southwest Houston. Rubio says she told police that Lara needed help but officers would not listen.

“She told the police officers that the gentleman was with her and that was the reason for the call, but the officers didn’t pay attention to her,” Rubio said through a translator.

Police say Lara tried to leave the scene and Officer J. McGowan ordered him to stop. The officer says she shot and killed Lara because he made threatening move towards her. Rubio says she distinctly heard the officer say Lara had a gun. Officers later said that Lara, in fact, did not have a gun.”

“A second witness, 14-year-old Rigoberto Rubio, who was buying water from a machine nearby, said he also saw Lara with both hands against the wall. The teenager said he didn’t know Lara personally.

Suddenly, Lara turned around to face the officers and was shot fatally by McGowan, Ruvio said, his hands still suspended in the air.”

“Ruvio brought out her phone to take a video of the scene, she said, but an officer seized it from her, telling her she was not to record anything.”

This is terrible. Latinos have been catching hell at the hands of police this week. Deepest condolences to Lara’s family, and hopes that something will be done. People can only take so much,




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