ONLY on CSP update – Aaron Palmer, 24, shot and killed by Oklahoma police in his home, new story emerges


Initially, the story ofthe killing of Aaron Palmer by Oklahoma police read as one of courageousness and devotion to filial ties. Now, a new, more disturbing story emerges.


According to CSP commentator Lori Holland, “Aaron was not defending his father. The police were looking for his father, Randall Palmer, who was wanted for non compliance with the local drug court program. Aaron was at home on Saturday night when the police kicked in his door. He was chopping celery and onion for dinner when the police entered, and as he came to see what was happening the officer immediately shot him. Randall Palmer was found where he was hiding from the police, in Shawnee, the next night.”


CSP cannot validate who Lori Holland is or how she has this information, but this tale should be heard. Was Aaron’s murder even more cold-blooded than originally thought? We hope more information will follow. CSP thanks Lori Holland for her contribution and her concern for truth.



  1. Lori Holland · · Reply

    I wanted to share a little of the coverage we have on the case. I grew up in Seminole, and there are a lot of problems with this case including according to the local newspaper that the shooting officer was not CLEET certified. I don’t have a direct link to that online article as The Seminole Producer requires a subscription to access online articles.

  2. Cindy Smith · · Reply

    It was reported on KWTV 9 that Ken Cherry, who allegedly shot Aaron Palmer, is romantically involved with Randall Palmer’s ex-wife, so why was he even allowed to serve the warrant, as he is personally involved with these people? Channel 9 is also reporting that he is not CLEET certified.

    1. Can someone explain the CLEET certification?

      1. Lori Holland · ·

        Beginning on January 26, 2008, all CLEET certified peace officers are required to meet certain firearms requalification standards. Officers must attain a qualifying score of not less than seventy percent (70% or 72 points) utilizing their primary duty handgun.

  3. Lori Officers have 6 months to obtain Cleet certification.

    1. Lori Holland · · Reply

      I know that which is why I included the website that people could look up all the regulations.

  4. Jean Patterson · · Reply

    I sure hope the truth comes out and the lies the cop is telling will show it was not self defense. It was murder!

  5. Lori Holland · · Reply

    According to people in the community there may be some form of murder charges filed forthwith against Randall Palmer, the father. They are trying to justify their actions by saying that if Randall had not been a law breaker they would have not busted in the door to a house where he did not live and been forced to kill his estranged son that was cooking dinner!

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