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Leesburg police caught joking about the accidental killing of Andrew Scott, 26 – video

“Newly released documents reveal that Leesburg Police Department officers apparently joked about the death of Andrew Scott over computer messages. Andrew Scott’s family is furious, and for the first time Monday, his mother and fiancée talked about what would have kept him alive. The officer’s chat logs were made public by Orlando attorney Mark NeJame. […]

Former NY Police Captain, Michael Leach, shoots and kills his son, Matthew Leach ‘accidentally’ – alcohol may be involved

“New York cops are trying to determine whether to file charges against a retired police captain who mistook his son for an intruder and shot him at an Adirondacks motel. “We’re concerned with whether or not the shooter was intoxicated, and whether or not the victim was intoxicated, or both,” said Jeff Carpenter, acting district […]

Cops go nuts in Anaheim, sicking a dog on bystanders and firing tear gas and beanbags at a crowd

First off, yo. No.   “As officers were investigating what happened at the scene, Dunn said an angry group of people began yelling and throwing bottles at them. He said that as officers detained several people, the crowd advanced on officers so they fired tear gas and beanbag rounds at them. Video captured by a […]

Myron Gunter, 31, shot in the back by cops in St. Louis – video

“31 year old Myron Gunter of St. Louis faces charges of assault on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest, unlawful use of a weapon and unlawful possession of a firearm. Police tonight also released more details about the confrontation in the 3800 block of Meramec. They say when they pulled Gunter’s car over he began […]

Andrew Lee Scott, 26, murdered by police in his home in Lake County, Florida – video

“Lake County sheriff’s deputies were searching for a man named Jonathan Brown when they arrived at the Blueberry Hills Apartment complex in Leesburg early Sunday morning. When the police banged on the wrong door, Andrew Lee Scott — who did not expect visitors — answered armed and ready, only to be fired at by the […]

Video update: Heather Garrett, 29, bystander shot in the back as cops were shooting at Douglas Wiegand, 7/7, in Ohio

“Early Saturday morning a 50-yr old man was seen in the parking lot near Vine & Neal in the Arena District appearing to urinate. Police say an officer approached Douglas Wiegand and told him to find a cab and go home because he appeared to be intoxicated. A few minutes later that officer and another […]

Police say a ‘freak accident hug’ caused a cop’s gun to go off, shooting and killing 24-yr old Adaisha Miller

“The death of a woman shot in the chest after she hugged an off-duty police officer from behind during a party is a tragic, unfathomable accident, Detroit’s police chief said Monday.Adaisha Miller was dancing and celebrating what would have been her 25th birthday the next day, when she hugged the officer from behind during a […]