Enraging video footage – Anaheim cops rampage on a neighborhood; after collective neighborhood response, police shot and sicked dogs at a crowd of locals – small children were attacked

“Chaos and violence in the streets of Anaheim. Anaheim Police firing rubber bullets confront a crowd of terrified children, parents, and angry residents near La Palma and Acacia. Then one officers unleashes a snarling police dog which attacks a mother holding her child and this bystander.”

“Now out here there were dozens of people who had their cell phones, and at least four different people told me police officers offered to buy their videos without any explanation.”

There was a dumpster fire out here. Citizens had shut down a street.
It looks like there was a really messed up shooting. Then the neighborhood, which seems predominantly Latino, responded collectively. That was met by police terror. Keep in mind these are highly trained dogs, they attack when told to attack.

It’s gotta stop – collective responses when shootings take place is definitely a step. We’re the ones who have got to see the response through.





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