Anaheim police shot and killed another Latino man, Joel Acevedo, 24 hours after killing Manuel Diaz

Family friends tell the Weekly that the man shot and killed by Anaheim police late Sunday night is Joel Acevedo of Anaheim.

Acevedo, at right

I found out about this via Facebook, as the mother of Acevedo is a friend of mine. After posting about the earlier melees, the mother (whose name I won’t mention) wrote, “I was out and about earlier downtown getting dinner and my car washed. It was eerie. The streets seemed a lil too quiet and sad. My heart seemed to race the few times I heard an ambulance and a firetruck zoom by.”

Little did she know that they’d be racing toward her son later that night.

The mother is telling me that police won’t let her see her dead son. Details to come…

UPDATED, 3:35 A.M.: This is Amber reporting back from the Guinida neighborhood. The scene is calm with only about 20 authorities on the scene and a handful of residents still reeling from the days’ events. A source told OC Weekly that Acevedo’s family tried to cross police lines to see his body earlier tonight and they were not allowed.

silver suv.jpg
The silver SUV Acevedo was driving when he was shot by Anaheim Police

Sgt. Bob Dunn from the Anaheim Police Department said a handgun was found in the silver SUV driven by Acevedo, which was reportedly stolen. Three other occupants were also in the car. Dunn said after police officers engaged in a car pursuit, an occupant of the car shot at police, which led to police to shoot back.


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