VIDEO UPDATE: 17-yr-old Ascension Herrera was walking his blind friend around the neighborhood when confronted by police and killed

“Herrera was shot by a Sacramento police officer around 6 yesterday evening, when he was walking with his friend Arturo in a neighborhood they live in.

.. Arturo says he was holding onto Herrera’s shoulder as he guided him along Teekay Way. Police say officers patrolling the area spotted the two and believed they looked suspicious and approached them.”

The reason the police say they stopped Ascension (suspicion) sounds like nonsense. We can only wonder if the police would have thought Ascension was suspicious if he was white. We are deeply saddened by these events, and we hope there will be vengeance for Ascension’s killing. (Ed. Note: this commentary has been modified – thanks to a friend of Ascension, it was pointed out that the previous commentary was unclear)



  1. He was my friend.What if it was your family or friend?You guys are putting himdown you never knew him

    1. We are very sorry for the loss of your friend. We are in no way whatsoever trying to put him down. Maybe we were unclear – part of this post is taken from the news, the other part is written by the people who made this blog. That second part is saying that the explanation given by the police is nonsense – that if Ascension was white, the police probably would never think him and his friend look suspicious. We’re very sorry for the confusion – we want to be very clear: we in no way intend to put down Ascension. We wish vengeance for his killing. We wish this NEVER happens again – and we wish for people to do things to make sure the police feel consequences every time they hurt and kill. We are sorry that your friend was murdered. If you have any more information of what happened, or just on who Ascension was, please share it. We would like to know about the young man killed way too soon by police who had no business stopping him in the first place.

  2. CopKiller187 · · Reply

    I telling u guys right now if I was this kids dad or brother i would find out where the cop lives responsible for his death and shoot and kill that son of a bith i dont care of i was locked up for life but i would avenge his death. it dont matter if it took days months or years to track him down but belive me i would. I would not allow a Fucking cop to get away with murder and laugh it ofis becouse thats what this was.

  3. thats cold ass shit

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