Houston cop shoots at minors, saying they were trying to run him over – video

“It happened around 3:30am in a neighborhood along Ardmore near Pawnee. Houston police tell us Officer A. Bowie patrolling the Mainstay Suites on Old Spanish Trail when he noticed a suspicious man. A passerby told the officer that man had tried to steal his car. This parking lot reportedly has a history of burglaries.

Officer Bowie got out of his car and drew his weapon. He found the suspect crouched down by a car. The suspect ignored the officer’s commands. Then, the suspect ran out of the parking lot and jumped into the passenger seat of a waiting pick-up truck. The driver then drove in the officer’s direction, as if he intended to strike him.

“The driver of the truck then accelerated directly at the officer who was standing in the middle of the road, had no cover. The officer, fearing for his safety, discharged his duty weapon,” said Kese Smith with the Houston Police Department.

Police say Officer Bowie fired several shots at the body and tires of the truck. The truck drove down Ardmore for a few blocks and then the suspects fled on foot.

After a two hour search with dogs and a helicopter, police finally found and arrested two suspects. One of the suspects was found nearly a mile away from the scene.

There is no active search for any more suspects, but police say there could be more people involved. At least one of the suspects is age 17, police say.”




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