Unnamed “Hispanic male” shot and killed by Jackson County Fla cops in the woods

“Just before 11:30 a.m. Aug. 28, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office received a call from a female victim.

The female reported that while sitting in her vehicle at a pharmacy on the East side of Marianna, she was approached by a Hispanic male who displayed a handgun and demanded money. She advised the male that she did not have any money, so he reached into her vehicle and took her cell phone. He then fled on foot in a northeasterly direction. Other witness statements provided a more detailed description of the suspect, the clothing he was wearing, and the direction he was last seen running.

A perimeter was quickly established to secure the area, and the K-9 Tracking Teams from Apalachee Correctional Institute & Jackson Correctional Institute were deployed. The teams tracked for approximately 2 ½ hours through very dense vegetation behind the Crossroads Shopping Center.

During the mid-afternoon hours, the suspect was flushed from the woods into an open field. When Law Enforcement Officers approached, the suspect fled back into the woods. As he ran into the wooded area, he appeared to be reaching for a weapon. When confronted by Law Enforcement Officers, he made very aggressive moves with a handgun. This action resulted in officers firing several rounds at the suspect.

The suspect was fatally wounded during the gunfire.”




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