Johnny Edmonds chased from a home, unarmed, and then shot by Indianapolis cop

“Indianapolis police have identified the man involved in a shooting this morning along E. Washington Street and Pleasant Run Parkway on the Eastside. The man police shot earlier today is Johnny Edmonds. Edmonds, 33, was transported to Wishard Memorial Hospital and is in good condition, according to police.

Police said Edmonds was at a home on N. Riley Avenue when officers arrived to check on the welfare of a young child that was heard screaming from inside the home. When officers questioned Edmonds, he became combative and police tased him.

Edmond continued to resist and ran from police with his hands in his waistband. Edmonds stopped, but would not remove his hands from his pants after police instructed him to do so. The officer then shot Edmonds. No firearm has been recovered at this point in time.”|topnews|text|Indianapolis%20News

(video includes coptalk justification, e.g. “a struggle ensued”)


Really great that Danese Kenon of The Star emphasized so clearly the role Johnny Edmonds’ “Waistband” played in the cop shooting him.


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