5 cops shoot and kill Ronald Lovell Wright in Chattanooga – video

“Channel 3 was on the scene as police covered the 1300 block of Florida Street early Tuesday morning.

Neighbors across the street from the home didn’t hesitate to call for help when they saw a home invasion in progress. “One of them had went out on the porch and they seen it happen so they called police,” says neighbor Laverne Lively.

Witnesses describe seeing two men crouching under the front porch just after midnight, one had a shotgun or rifle. The suspect with the gun ran inside after his partner kicked in the door. Officers were on the scene within minutes.

“I don’t know how many there were, there was swarms of them,” says one neighbor who watched the scene unfold from her bedroom window. “Everybody was running, there was policeman up in trees,” she explains. “My heart fell to my knees.”

Police say the suspect with the gun attempted to get away through the back window but he didn’t know the house was surrounded and confronted police.

“I heard, ‘Get on the ground, get on the ground!’ Next thing I know, pop pop pop pop,” explains one resident.

Investigators with the Chattanooga Police Department’s Major Crimes Unit have identified the suspect that was fatally shot early Tuesday morning as 31 year-old Ronald Lovell Wright.”




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