Others come forward with tales of abuse by cop Jennifer Monereau, the cop who shot and killed Deeric Bailey in Shreveport, La, 8/18

“New allegations are being made against one of the officers in Saturday’s police involved shooting that left 22 year old Deeric Bailey dead. One man is speaking out against one of the officers only to KSLA News 12.

Since he does not want his identity revealed we are referring to him as John. According to John, when he was stopped by police for running a red light in August of 2011 Corporal Jennifer Monereau both threatened to shoot him and used too much force.

“She told me that I could feel her lead, meaning she would shoot me,” says John. “I asked her, what you mean your gonna shoot me? She said yeah.”

John gave News 12 documents from the complaint he filed against Corporal Monereau with the Shreveport Police Department. The documents state that the complaint against Monereau for the verbal threat was proven, but not the allegations of too much force.

The Shreveport Police Department was not able to comment on whether a complaint was filed against Corporal Monereau, but did confirm the connecting arrest records from the incident.

Corporal Jennifer Monereau and Hai Phan are the two officers involved in Saturday’s traffic stop of Deeric Bailey along Interstate 20. According to the Shreveport Police department when Bailey tried to flee, it was Corporal Phan that opened fire, not Corporal Monereau.”




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