Unidentified man shot by cops in Columbia, SC, in critical condition

“A suspect is in the hospital after he was shot following a high speed chase that ended in Columbia’s Five Points Tuesday morning. According to state troopers, the incident began around 8:15 a.m. at Interstate 20 and Highway 277, when S/Trooper S.M. Groubert stopped a suspect on suspicion of speeding. Groubert reported that when he approached the vehicle and began talking with the suspect, he saw signs that the suspect appeared to be under the influence. The suspect, though, drove away and the trooper began a pursuit, according to the Department of Public Safety. Trooper Jack Tompkins IV, joined the pursuit at Forest Drive in Richland County.

The two officers followed the suspect until he reached the Wells Fargo bank on Saluda Avenue in Columbia’s Five Points. According to troopers, the suspect got out of his vehicle and began firing shots at the troopers in the parking lot. Groubert and Tompkins returned fire, injuring the suspect. Richland County Emergency Services says the unidentified man was taken to the hospital in critical condition.”




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