San Bernadino Cops shoot victims on 4 spearate occasions in less than a week – Dennis Allen Clore, 54, killed; Theodore Wann, 23, killed; Eddie Herrera, 35, critical; Enrique Mendez, 35, condition unknown

“San Bernardino Police officers shot and wounded a man Friday night making it the second officer-involved-shooting in the city in the three days.

Eddie Herrera, 35, was last listed in critical condition after he was shot by a officer at about 10:30 p.m. at the intersection of 15th Street and Sepulveda Avenue, said Lt. Paul Williams.

Williams said two police officers were conducting a traffic stop when they heard gunshots nearby.

One officer went to the area where he believed the gunfire came from and encountered Herrera, who was armed with a gun, Williams said.

The officer ordered Herrera to drop his gun, but instead the San Bernardino man reportedly turned and pointed his gun at the officer, Williams said. The officer fired, striking the gunman. Investigator later learned Herrera had allegedly just shot a man in the leg a short distance away, officials said.

Wednesday, San Bernardino Police officers were involved in a deadly shooting which left a baseball-bat-wielding man dead.

Dennis Allen Clore, 54, of San Bernardino, was shot and killed outside the 1400 block of 16th street Wednesday night after he reportedly threatened officers with a baseball bat. Officers were called out to the 16th Street home for reports of an assault. Officers found Clore in a detached garage, according to a release. Clore reportedly picked up an aluminum bat and threatened two officers with it and was subsequently shot.”


“Police shot a Fontana man late Monday when the man pointed a handgun at an officer during a traffic stop.

Enrique Mendez, 35, was taken to a hospital for treatment of a wound, but his condition was not known.

“It was a regular, routine stop,” said Fontana police Sgt. Robert Morris. “Everything seemed fine when (the officer) walked up to the car. Just as he got up to the driver’s area, he saw the passenger holding a handgun and pointing it toward him.”

The officer feared for his safety and fired several rounds, striking Mendez. Two passengers in the car were not injured.

It is the fourth shooting involving law enforcement in San Bernardino County in less than a week.”


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