Leesburg police caught joking about the accidental killing of Andrew Scott, 26 – video

“Newly released documents reveal that Leesburg Police Department officers apparently joked about the death of Andrew Scott over computer messages.

Andrew Scott’s family is furious, and for the first time Monday, his mother and fiancée talked about what would have kept him alive.
The officer’s chat logs were made public by Orlando attorney Mark NeJame. He recently told WESH 2 News that he will represent Scott’s family in a lawsuit against the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

A deputy shot and killed 26-year-old Scott after knocking on the wrong door in his search for an attempted murder suspect.

“They just shot a guy at Blueberry Hill,” officer Nicholas Bloom said in an officer-to-officer online chat.

“Awesome, never run from the police with a loaded gun,” Officer Wayne White responded.

“Maybe they will have a move in special,” White said.

“Yea, one unit will have new paint and carpet,” Bloom replied.”



To anyone who has ever dealt with cops, this is no surprise. Interesting that these cops’ names are White and Bloom.


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