Long Beach police shoot 2 victims, killing at least 1 – video

“One suspect was killed and another injured Wednesday in an officer-involved shooting following a botched robbery at a Long Beach Rite Aid.

The shooting occurred around 1:15 a.m. after Long Beach police officers responded to a robbery call at a store in the 4400 block of Atlantic Avenue, Long Beach police said.

“The suspects went into the location and did an armed takeover robbery of the store. As they were leaving the store, there was another person robbed,” Chief Jim McDonnell said.

The trio then got into a vehicle and fled the scene at a high rate of speed, prompting a short pursuit with officers, he said.

“During the pursuit, officers believed that they were being shot at,” McDonnell said.

When the pursuit ended, the officer-involved shooting occurred. One suspect was fatally shot and another injured. He was transported to a local hospital in unknown condition, McDonnell said.”



One wonders if news stories will ever take a more general approach and ask questions about the society that imposes both materialism and scarcity. And why do news stories always interview a random BillCitizen who always seems to have a nice word about the police?


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