Bryan Stevens shot by San Francisco cops in the back, expected to live

“San Francisco police said one of their officers was forced to shoot an armed suspect after a chase in the Potrero Hill district Saturday night, but that man’s family is disputing the police version of what happened.

Police were responding to reports of an armed man in the neighborhood Saturday night. When they arrived, they said the man pointed a gun at them. The family of the suspect said he was shot in the back.

“There were witnesses that heard the police ordering the suspect to stop, identifying themselves as police officers, and the suspect continued to flee from the officers,” said Gordon Shyy, a San Francisco police officer

The suspect is 31-year old Bryan Stevens, according to his family.

“The subject turned toward the officers with a gun in his hand, and that’s when the officer discharged his firearm,” Shyy said.

The chief of police said Monday afternoon that he intends to address the community on the incident.

Todd Walker, the suspect’s uncle, said his nephew was hit in the back, the leg and foot and is recovering at San Francisco General Hospital.

“They say he turned and pointed a gun at the police, but all the bullet wounds were in the back of his body,” Walker said.”


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