Johnathan Blankenship, 40, shot and killed by Baltimore police in his home – BS explanation given: video

“Baltimore City police said a man was killed in a police-involved shooting in North Baltimore.

Officers were called to a family disturbance at a home in the 1400 block of Weldon Circle North in Medfield at about 4:30 p.m. Tuesday.

“About 20 police cars pulled up. They had guns pulled, and they ran into the house,” said neighbor Roxanne Crowe.

Detectives said an officer found a man inside the home, and a struggle ensued, so the officer called for backup. A second officer arrived and saw the struggle, as well as  what police described as a knife-like object in the vicinity of the man.

Police said the second officer shot the man, who was pronounced dead at the scene. On Wednesday, police identified the man as 40-year-old Johnathan Blankenship.”

“There was what we believe a knife-like object in the vicinity. The officer who was being attacked did summon the other officer to assist him. That other officer fired at least one round to the suspect.” – Baltimore police propagandist.

A “knife-like object in the vicinity” and you shoot and kill the man?


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  1. I knew Jon blankenship. He is the father of my nephew. I knew him for 8 years. Yes, he had a temper and did not like authority but for the record the knife like object was a carpet cutter and he had just got off of work so thats why it was in the vicinity, he was a carpet layer. He takes it off as soon as he gets home. Also, he is not that big of a man, so you tell me two officers couldn’t contain him instead of shooting him. Please comment.

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