Santa Maria police shoot and kill man, giving awkward account of his murder

“A sheriff’s sergeant responding to the call spotted the suspect, who has not been identified, and his vehicle in a nearby gas station. The Sheriff’s Department report says the suspect told the sergeant he had guns in his vehicle, ignored orders by the sergeant and drove off.

The man led deputies, Santa Maria police and CHP officers on a low-speed pursuit through Santa Maria to the north end of Preisker Lane where he stopped his car and reportedly threw several guns out of the vehicle.

The suspect then got out of his car, picked up one of the guns and confronted the officers, who fired an unknown number of shots, killing the suspect.

The Sheriff’s Department is handling the investigation.

The shooting is the fifth officer-involved shooting in northern Santa Barbara County in the past eight months.”

“The name of the man who was shot and killed has not been released, but we are told he is a caucasian man in his 60’s.

The Santa Maria Police Department and the CHP are also investigating the case.

In the 15 years I have been with the Sheriff’s office, I have not I have not seen this many shootings, officer-involved shootings occur in this close of a time frame,” said Sergeant Mark Williams with the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department.”

Why would he throw his guns out of his car – then pick one up only to be killed? Several cops were following him; I’m sure he had no illusions that he’d get shot if he picked up a gun. Sketchy explanation.


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