Police shoot and kill man inTurlock, CA

“A suspect is dead after an officer involved shooting in Turlock Saturday morning.

The suspect was firing into a car he was trying to steal from a victim when police shot back, fatally wounding the suspect. This followed a 5 mile car chase, starting near N Golden State Boulevard and Almond Avenue, where officers identified a car from a pursuit back on July 24.

The suspect wasn’t inside the car at the time, but once he came out and saw the police, he ran, brandishing a handgun to officers.

Somehow the suspect was able to get back to his car, allowing him to flee the area and get on Highway 99. Police followed the suspect, where he eventually took the Bradbury Road exit more than 5 miles down the freeway.

On that off-ramp, the suspect jumped out of his car and quickly tried to car jack another vehicle. The suspect shot into the other car, so police sprang into action. Officers fired at the suspect in order to protect the other driver.

The exact number of shots fired hasn’t been released, but police were able to take down the suspect. One of the officers was struck in the leg, but he was taken to a hospital has already been released.”

Wave of Officers Leaving Stockton for Other Cities




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