Yakima, Washington police set up sting operation then shoot victim

“The shooting occurred about 1 p.m. in a portion of the Home Depot parking lot between the Taco Time and Burger King restaurants on South First Street.

Afterwards, as news media and onlookers hovered around the scene, police Capt. Rod Light explained that members of the local DEA task force were conducting a “buy-bust” operation and were attempting to arrest the suspect when he tried to flee.

The suspect, driving a white minivan, rammed several vehicles before an officer shot him, Light said. The name of the officer was temporarily withheld.

None of the nine officers or federal agents involved in the operation was injured. The task force is comprised of elements of several agencies, including the Yakima Police Department.

Authorities asked TV news crews not to tape the scene until undercover agents involved in the operation cleared the scene. Bullet holes could be seen in the windshield of the minivan.

An update on the status and identity of the wounded man was not immediately available. Light said further inquiries would be fielded by officials at the DEA’s regional headquarters in Seattle.

The shooting was the third since 2005 involving an undercover drug bust in a public parking lot.”




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