San Antonio police officer goes on a personal shooting spree; 3 shootouts in 3 locations – video

“We’ve also learned that this is the location where an on-duty officer got into a shootout with an ex-boyfriend of one of that officer’s friends, and that he did die at that location. There’s a lot of missing components to this story… We do know that it all started around 2 o’clock in the morning when the on-duty police officer who was undercover working for a gang unit got a call from a personal friend, a woman, who was at a night club. He went to go pick her up… he drove her to her house or apartment… that’s where there was a confrontation with this ex-boyfriend. Shots were fired… and then the ex-boyfriend along with the officer and this woman drove to a second location… more shots were fired there… then finally they came to this location where a third shootout occurred. And we do know that the woman was shot in this incident.” – from video

“SAPD says one of their own shot and killed a woman`s ex-boyfriend after at least three different shootouts.

This all came to a head at the ex-boyfriend`s home on Fieldwood near Culebra at about 3:00 a.m. Friday.

Investigators say the woman called the officer, who is a friend, earlier in the morning to help with her domestic situation. When the officer arrived, police say the ex-boyfriend shot at him.

The two men wound up at a bank off Potranco Rd. and had another shootout before the final confrontation on Fieldwood.

The woman has been hospitalized after getting hit in at least one of the shootings.”

“There were several small children inside the home” of the last shootout.

What went on here? Did the cop really just go from spot to spot shooting stuff up?? Did he shoot his friend’s ex-boyfriend and then his ‘friend’? Damn.


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