Video update – Vanna Sok, killed by Philadelphia police 7/15; witnesses say police shot from inside their vehicle and gave no warning

“Exclusive video obtained by FOX 29 News was taken seconds after 24-year-old Vanna Sok was fatally shot by police.

It was 1 a.m. on July 15 when a nearby camera shows a red SUV pulling up to the corner of Second Street and Nedro Avenue.  A short confrontation turns to gunfire. People scatter.

Sok, who had a registered gun, fired back at the SUV.

What happens next just off camera isn’t shown, but witnesses say an officer nearby fired his weapon at Sok from inside the passenger seat of his police car and shot without any warning.

“I seen the cop shoot him from inside the car,” said Thearack Kith, one of Sok’s friends. ” He didn’t get outside. He didn’t say, ‘Freeze, put your hands up, drop your weapons.’ He didn’t say anything.” th

Hey Philly, it looks like there’s a lot of dialogue going on with those officers. Don’t trust em!


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