Video Update – Clearwater victim killed by police identified as Julius Richard Larrance, 19; stopped because he “fit a description”

“Police say two officers were patrolling an area near the Palmetto Park Apartments around 1 pm Tuesday, when they saw a man who fit the description of a wanted suspect.

When they went to question the man, later identified as 19-year-old Julius Richard Larrance, they say he took off running through the apartment complex.

Elizabeth Watts, the City of Clearwater’s Public Safety Officer said, “At some point he pulled out a handgun and shot several times at the officers. They returned fire. (Officer Karl Wassamer) returned fire, striking the suspect. He went into an apartment, barricaded himself.”

That’s when officers went inside and reportedly found Larrance laying on the ground, with a gun by his hand. Paramedics pronounced him dead on the scene moments later.”

Police say they just found the victim’s gun laying next to his hand after they went inside the apartment. Likely story.



  1. Marilynn greene · · Reply

    I was there i heard five shots same gun. A women scream that was no accident! 19yrs old Julius wasnt feared by Police for they were the last faces he saw while he was bleeding to death in the apartment.

  2. R.I.P Julius Larrance · · Reply

    i agree marilynn it started right in front of my house, they shot at him first and they let him bleed to death… because they wouldnt let emt come in, when is justice gonna really be served? Karl wassamer a.k.a hawaii doesnt need to be a police all he does is harass people i know this from experience! i’ve had to report him so many times.

  3. M.greene · · Reply

    It was said he was wanted for questioned for another crimes.The reporters got no facts other than Julius was a ex-con. I can only imagine what prison most have been like for this once 18yr old ,with a boyish looking frame and face, lock up with grown was said he swore never to go back. It was said,..

  4. emily stephens · · Reply

    rip julius i will miss you , you were such a great person .i take it to my grave ill see you in heaven much love an will never be forgotten……………loved lots by emily j stephens………….

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