Tampa police kill Jevon Neal,16 – witnesses say cops bumrushed Neal – video

Tampa Police are investigating the officer-involved shooting of a 16-year-old boy Sunday night.

Police say the teen turned a gun on them and they shot him in self-defense. The shooting occurred at the Central Court Apartments, on East Columbus Drive around 8 p.m.

Robert Felton was at a party in the complex and said he saw the whole thing unfold. “I seen a whole bunch of undercovers run upstairs and I seen a whole bunch of other police run, but before they could even get to the stairways that these officers went up, they was already shooting at him.”

“I never once heard [the police] say put your weapon down, get on the ground, put your hands up, I never once heard them say none of that,” said a witness named Vonshay.

“Javon’s father, Michael Lovett, says that his son was expecting a child in the next couple of months and that he would have been a junior in the fall at North Tampa Alternative.”

“The two officers are 36-year-old Gregory Pryor, a Tampa Police Officer for five years and Shannon Murphy, 35, a Tampa Police Officer for nine years.”

Javon Neal, 16, was shot by Tampa Police after he pointed a pistol-grip shotgun on them Sunday night at Central Court Apartments, 2510 Central Ave.





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