Danny L. Walsh, 58, killed by police in Kansas City, Mo.

“A man who was shot by police officers in South Kansas City Sunday afternoon, has died from his injuries at the hospital.

Police spokesperson Stacey Graves confirmed 58-year-old Danny L. Walsh has died from his injuries after being taken to the hospital with life-threatening wounds.

She said officers were called to a home on 114th Terr. & Wornall Rd. around 2:15 p.m. The call was first reported as an outside disturbance then police were given information there was a suicidal party involved while they were in route to the home. They were also told the man living at the home, later identified as Walsh, was firing shots inside the home.

Graves said there was a woman inside the home as well.   That women was not hit, and Graves said it isn’t clear who or what Walsh was shooting at.

Graves said while they were setting up outisde, Walsh came out of home numerous times and armed with several types of weapons.  She said around 3 p.m., Walsh pointed a weapon at officers. The officers then fired, hitting him.”



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