Video – No reason given for cop shooting man in Anaheim – families have protested number of officer involved shootings from this department

“[Officers] attempted to make contact with three subjects. During that contact, the three subjects fled. A foot pursuit ensued. During that foot pursuit, one of our officers encountered one of the males who they had been chasing, and an officer involved shooting occurred. Only one person was hit during that officer involved shooting, that was the person that we were chasing, a male. He was transported to the hospital and at this point, I don’t know what his condition is.” – Sgt. Bob Dunn

“The man was in critical condition when he was taken to the hospital, Dunn said. Nobody else was injured and the two other men got away.

Dunn said gang detectives are involved in the investigation.

Orange County District Attorney officials are investigating the case, as is normal procedure.

This shooting comes at a time of increased crime in the city and is the latest by Anaheim Police Department, which is under scrutiny for several recent officer-involved shootings. The incidents have led family members of those who were killed to hold regular protests in front of police headquarters.”

So an officer involved shooting occurred, just occurred, you know, like a lunar eclipse or something… it just happened.

**if any one has any more information on this, please share in the comment section**


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