Police say a ‘freak accident hug’ caused a cop’s gun to go off, shooting and killing 24-yr old Adaisha Miller

“The death of a woman shot in the chest after she hugged an off-duty police officer from behind during a party is a tragic, unfathomable accident, Detroit’s police chief said Monday.Adaisha Miller was dancing and celebrating what would have been her 25th birthday the next day, when she hugged the officer from behind during a party Sunday, her mother and authorities said. She died later of gunshot wounds to the chest.”

“Adaisha Miller, who would have turned 25 today, was killed early Sunday morning when Officer Issac Parrish’s department-issued gun accidentally discharged while she was dancing behind him and touching his waist, Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee Jr. said. … During the news conference, Godbee did not answer a question about whether Parrish, a 16-year veteran of the department, was given a Breathalyzer test.”

This explanation is obviously in no way connected to what actually happened. The killer’s name is Officer Issac Parrish – any information on the situation or the cop whose gun shot Ms. Miller would be helpful.

**Any one with information on how this cop killed Adaisha, please share in the comment section**






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